since you all loved my last beard products post so much i tried a new company to make your facial hair super seductive.

for this i chose the company brooklyn grooming which you get easily from the web shop beard and shave. this product line is really state of the art in beard care. every batch of every product is dosed, measured and prepared from alfredo and mckenzie by hand in their beautiful studio in the brooklyn navy yard. nothing is mass-produced and they feel this is one way of staying close to their clients’ needs. the passion, the precision and the love they pour into every balm, wax and serum is passed from their hands to yours. - photo lady - photo lady - photo lady venom

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very often comes the question why do you need this? so of course you can use regular soap, but it will leave your beard dry and scratchy afterwards. so i prefer to use well made products and for me the real difference is not the washing but the care products. since facial hair is dull by nature i really recommend oils, balsams and waxes to let it shine. the positive side effect is that your beard smells like heaven and gets super soft at the same time.

first step: i used the brooklyn grooming beard soap. the hand-harvested local clay essence is infused with shea butter and soothing oils, which makes it feel so good on your skin.

second step: i used the red hook classic beard oil. it smells like bay rum with hints of cardamom and citrus. so good to enjoy this spicy fresh scent every morning. it makes your beard and also the skin underneath shiny and moisturized. i use the bg comb to get the oil everywhere and the beard in place.

third step: i used the bg fort green beard balm to weigh-down fly-aways between trims, it also softens the feel of your whiskers and even acts as a styling pomade for your facial fuzz. - photo lady - photo lady venom

products used:

brooklyn grooming beard soap
brooklyn groomig red hook beard oil
brooklyn grooming fort green beard balsam
brooklyn grooming pocket comb

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photographer: lady venom