parthenope is the nickname of …

thelionheaded-parthenope-2 thelionheaded-parthenope-3 thelionheaded-parthenope-4 thelionheaded-parthenope-5 thelionheaded-parthenope-6 thelionheaded-parthenope-7 thelionheaded-parthenope-8

… the beautiful city naples – inspired by the siren parthenope, the mythological founder of the city. i stayed there the whole weekend with my instagram family and like it is with sirens it is nearly impossible to leave this mesmerizing city.

sunglasses: simon&me
jacket: helmut lang vintage
pullover: organic basics by thoughtful threads
shirt: selfmade (thelionheaded)
jeans: levis commuter (custom cut pockets by me)
shoes: adidas pure boost
location: naples
photographer: lady venom