i am on vacation in florida to get some sun-rays and look what i found: the perfect location for my college boy outfit…

thelionheaded-collegeboy-2 thelionheaded-collegeboy-3 thelionheaded-collegeboy-4 thelionheaded-collegeboy-5 thelionheaded-collegeboy-6 thelionheaded-collegeboy-7

… an old schoolbus just standing in a parking lot – how cool is that. i always envied the us school kids for their cool busses. since i’m a kid of the simpsons generation i always looked up to the us lifestyle – with all the cool stuff like skateboarding, bmx riding, etc.! what’s your favorite inspiration from your childhood days?


hat: visor from a tourist shop

sunglasses: dick moby

shirt: youth (design by lionheaded)

trousers: uniforms for the dedicated (custom cropped)

shoes: nike (customized by me)

location: lehigh acres, florida

photographer: lady venom