for this shooting i got the new spring summer collection from timberland. while choosing my look i immediately had a concept in mind to shoot it with “miuda”, austria’s most famous frenchie girl on instagram. - happy dog - happy dog - happy dog - happy dog - happy dog - happy dog - happy dog - happy dog days - happy dog days - happy dog days timberland

the quality of timberland is really nice. for example the jacket is filled with primaloft – a very warm, synthetic insulation which is fast drying and very breathable. in love with this golden piece.  also the boots are finished with the vibram sole – a rubber mixture with extreme high grip, which is normally used for mountaineering shoes.

this shoot was really fun because of miuda, my friend ana’s dog. she is so adorable and a big instagram star here in austria, where she’s also recognized in the streets. i have so much love for this cutie pie. for me she’s the upcoming blogger girl to follow ;)

the location we used for this shoot is called “artmotel emanuelle” – a brandnew shared space for the creative community in vienna.

jacket: skye peak bomber timberland
pullover: williams river crew timberland
shirt: mumford river chambray timberland
jeans: echo lake colored denim timberland
boots: abington haley timberland
sunglasses: roseman club

model: miuda frenchie

photographer: lady venom