for this shoot i had the perfect idea for using my waterproof raincoat just the right way. the concept came to me only in the morning of the shoot, but we still made it happen. waterproof waterproof waterproof raincoat(c) waterproof raincoat(c) waterproof waterproof waterproof raincoat(c) waterproof raincoat

i thought if we shoot a raincoat we should use it right, and because there was no rain outside (okay just a little) we needed additional water – but how do you get water when you are not at home? now i know why they invented water bomb! by the way: i think all bombs should be water balloon bombs on earth – there would be much less pain!

so we started with the shooting, which i had planned for a long time with professional photographer stefan joham. he should take the pics and my wife marion should drop the bombs. but after just 2 water balloon we noticed that she couldn’t give the water balloon enough speed and the bomb just hit me without exploding. so that’s when the secret basketball star stefan tried and voilà it worked! this way the word “shooting” gets a whole new meaning.

the cool raincoat and also the rest (except sunglasses) of my bluelicious outfit is powered by zalando. i don’t know where the dog got his raincoat from – but it was also cool and stylish.


raincoat: rains from zalando
shirt: d.gnak from zalando
trousers: eleven paris from zalando
shoes: reebok from zalando
sunglasses: komono

photographer and basketball star: stefan joham

backup photographer: lady venom

location: stadtpark, vienna