( Advertorial) certain personalities exude a special aura. it’s hard to describe, but you feel it straight away. a phenomenon – just like the friends i met in this project and the new-generation cla shooting brake. Sure, if you got the car you’d probably end up adding your own touches to it (such as adding in a sunshade from or a few extra stickers here and there), but when you look at the adverts you’re living the fantasy for that short moment in time. the the the the the the the the the driver

I wanted to create a visual fashion story with a beautiful car for the longest time – so it was perfect timing, that the new cla shooting brake by mercedes wiesenthal was introduced in austria by a company called wiesenthal. that car is a modern version of an estate car in a sporty coupé form, so i thought i have to create a story around a driver who transports valuable goods for someone special. immediately the lovely and talented hristina from fleur de mode came to my mind. she has an outstanding look and absolute perfection in her visual aesthetic. she was just the perfect diva to drive around. I then shared my vision with patrick domingo – a press photographer and insanely talented film maker – and from the start he was thrilled to be a part of the project. together we created an outstanding concept. the new mercedes cla shooting brake by wiesenthal perfected the picture. this car feels so amazing that I really can imagine now being the driver just driving around the whole day in it.

check out the film: ” the driver

to see the story from another perspective – a girl’s vision – check out fleur de mode.

car: mercedes-benz, cla shooting brake by wiesenthal

collab: hristina, fleur de mode

hat: balke
gloves: ysl -vintage
jacket: gucci -vintage
shirt: ann demeulemeester -similar here
trousers: custom (by lionheaded)
shoes: gucci -similar here
bags: the north face

photographer: lady venom
film maker: patrick domingo
location: vienna