i was really looking forward to seeing our setagaya park in vienna in bloom. i love the perfection and details of japanese gardens.

photo by patdomingophoto by patdomingothelionheaded.com kyotaphoto by patdomingophoto by patdomingophoto by patdomingophoto by patdomingo photo by patdomingophoto by patdomingothelionheaded.com kyotathelionheaded.com kyotaphoto by patdomingophoto by patdomingo

to complete this perfection i chose the one and only patrick domingo. for me the best photographer and film maker i know. for this shoot he worked with his assistant stefan kyota glanz who was perfect for the story because he has japanese roots.
spring is so inspiring – the rising energy, the smells and the air vibrating with life.  since you know i’m in love with the japanese zen tradition, i have one more quote from dōgen – the famous ancient zen master –  for you:

“treading along in this dreamlike, illusory realm,
without looking for the traces i may have left;
a cuckoo’s song beckons me to return home;
hearing this, i tilt my head to see
who has told me to turn back;

but do not ask me where i am going,
as i travel in this limitless world,
where every step i take is my home.”
– dōgen –

sunglasses: dick moby
outfit: kendo gi & hakama from a japanese shop
shoes: adidas -similar here

location: setagaya park, vienna
photographers: patrick domingo, stefan kyota glanz