my neverending love for sunglasses continues with this new interesting brand from italy. metal frames are back in eyewear. - photo lady - photo lady venom

these oxydo shades have a cool minimal aesthetic and are well made by safilo (one of the biggest glasses producers worldwide – also for most of the high fashion brands). this season i’m really into metal frames, which are coming back in style transferred to modern times. and this time around it’s not just thin gunmetal colored frames, like we already know from the past. instead, today the new metal frames are very similar to acetate frames – they are designed in a little thicker shape and some are also colored. although they are not as thin as they used to be, they are still super comfortable because of their very light weight.

the two frames, that i’ll be using like crazy this summer, come either in shiny silver with mirrored glasses and respectively the round ones are glossy black and have black gradient glasses (which are actually darker than they appear in the pictures above). you’ll soon see these in one of my outfit posts…. stay tuned!

these shades are brightening up todays monday moods.

silver polished modell: ox 1038/s
black modell: ox 1088/s


photographer: lady venom