(Advertorial) for the longest time i had planned to shoot with my friend irina’s cute little bird called mango. for the new pago honeydew melon & mango juice it was obviously the perfect time to finally make this plan reality and we had a fun-loaded tropical-themed shooting together.


this bird is a overload of cuteness. flying around from head to head and checking out the fruits he immediately melted my heart. and he also is a really good model as you can see. he is definitely taking over this blogpost!

so this whole shooting is dedicated to the new pago juice honeydew melon & mango. this juice has just been released and gets me in a real tropical mood for the summer. that’s why i chose a look to fit the tropical feeling and accessorized heavily with fruits and plants. as a contrast we wanted a rather reduced location, so we could highlight what it all really was about – the juice and the fruit!

what i like about the fruit juices from pago is that they are free of artificial flavors and preservatives and that they kept their historic production site in austria. their heritage goes back until the year 1888 with the first soda production – but it was only the two sons of mr. pagitz who started producing premium fruit juices. the new flavor is one of 30 different kinds of pago juices and it’s sweet, but also a little sour – which is a great and refreshing combination. i really liked it – especially mixed with some ice as a cooling summer drink. for the new advertising campaign they where the first in history who where allowed to brand the vienna’s sightseeing hot spot number 1 – the giant ferries wheel in vienna’s prater. so when you go there now you will be able to spot the iconic green and yellow bottle turning round and round!

p.s.: no animals where harmed in this shooting – maybe just by eating too many fruits!

to follow mango’s life just check irinas account on instagram:



shirt: 3.1 phillip lim
shorts: 3.1 phillip lim
shoes: adidas
sunglasses: gard

location: vienna
photographer: lady venom

in friendly collaboration with pago