flying trough an epic landscape where the clouds are floating into the ocean. these were the first impressions of my exploration of sweden. - vivid - vivid - vivid - vivid - vivid - vivid - vivid - vivid - vivid - vivid - vivid - vivid - vivid - vivid - vivid - vivid visions

and it got even better. gothenburg is a really beautiful town – especially in spring. although it was raining a lot during our stay, i still fell in love with this city on the coast. it is so inspiring and full of life, also because there are mostly young people on the streets. that’s because two really big universities are located there.

we (my wife and photographer marion and i) also met new friends there. the lovely and really talented cim ek (instagram @cimek) and her husband dejan who showed us around.

on saturday at 7pm we decided to go to stångehuvud at quite a short notice. the national reserve, which is only a 1,5 hours ride away from gothenburg, is really worth a visit. we wanted to catch the sundown there and we did. okay when we arrived it was already 9pm but the sun was still there as usual for this time in the year in sweden. when you go there you have to take a ferry and after that you pass a beautiful small village called lysekil, which i called the santorini of sweden. postcard picture perfect houses and a small lovely harbour. after driving through this coastal jewel we arrived at the national reserve with an absolutely breathtaking view and one of the most beautiful beaches i have seen so far. this place is really magic and full of “vivid visions”.
because we arrived quite late, we happened to be alone there. so all this beauty was just lying there waiting to be captured in photos. i hope you can hear the wind blowing and see the last rays of sun kissing the masterpiece of natural architecture in our photos.

i chose this outfit already a few weeks before knowing that i would go to sweden. but it matched the scenery just perfectly and i couldn’t be happier. i really love that zalando already offers a wide range of swedish designers in their online shop. i chose the trousers from filippa k and the jacket from stutterheim – both local brands from sweden. it seems that it was just bound to happen that i would go to sweden for this shooting!

hat: brixton by zalando
jacket: stutterheim by zalando
shirt: kiomi by zalando
trousers: filippa k by zalando
shoes: adidas by zalando
sunglasses: gard

location: stångehuvud, sweden
photographer: lady venom