the ennstal classic is a vintage car event in the alpine regions of styria. it stands for timeless elegance and driving like 50 years ago.

you know i’m a fan of swedish aesthetics so i was more than lucky to get invited by volvo to drive their new volvo xc90 for the rally.

timeless elegance is also the concept of the new volvo xc90, which has been designed by austrian designer maximilian missoni. the concept of the shooting was to combine these classic vintage cars with a brand new car, which has the potential for a future classic – so to write history now. Browsing and exploring for a new car is fun as you get to admire all of the new models that are on offer, driving a new Ford F150 on a test drive is an experience that lots of car lovers enjoy, test driving to see which car fits you and your driving needs is all part of the experience. Getting lost in a car and driving with the windows down is all part of car driving paradise.

The ennstal classic’s slogan “driving the last paradise” is really well-fitting, also in regards to the weather this weekend. i immediately fell in love with the picturesque scenery and the beautiful cars. They’re all just completely mesmerizing. I’d even overheard one person say that they had to add an extra layer of paint protection on their car because it had been damaged in a hail storm. If I hadn’t heard this, I’d never have known. It was amazing. And it made me fall in love with them so much more. the race is all about enjoyment and adventure – when you look around you see a lot of happy faces of adult kids driving their beloved “toys”. The fascination of automobiles is never ending – here it comes to a peak combined with the fascination of an open road in beautiful nature. perfection in motion.

The saying “the journey is the destination” has found it’s master with this race.
No wonder this race also attracts famous actors and stars from all around the world – this year patrick dempsey was part of the rally. But there are real race stars too like sir stirling moss and walter röhrl. It was an honor seeing them in their vintage cars and you still can recognize the serious race sparkle in their eyes standing in the start formation.

I really have to say I got race fever during this weekend. There was more than one moment when i got goosebumps. hearing the motors roar on the racetrack, smelling gas and rubber in the air – but mostly the feeling of the open road and the freedom of just driving your personal way was just something really joyful for me. maybe I was a racer in a former life.

on friday i also got the chance to drive with the new volvo xc90 together with the all the vintage cars. The comfort and well functioning air condition gave him extra points on this rally day with soaring heats. Also the feel and handling of the xc90 in race conditions made me smile from one ear to the other. It was racing in a really comfortable vehicle so for me it was pure perfection (still smiling). Personally, this model of car is perfect.

The volvo xc90 is the timeless classic elegant car from today and it blends really well into the league of vintage cars. Check out the new volvo xc90.

you can also check their facebook page to stay tuned: volvo austria

the outfit to resemble the event had to be a minimalistic, yet elegant jumpsuit for the race suit feeling combined with polarized smith shades and a weekender bag from oppermann to underline a classic timeless appearance:

jumpsuit: dolce & gabbana
shoes: vintage gucci loafers
gloves: vintage yves saint laurent
glasses: smith clayton
weekender: oppermann hanbury

location: ennstal classic, gröbming, styria (austria)
photographer: lady venom

in friendly collaboration with volvo austria