since the weather outside is getting hotter and hotter i decided to shoot inside for a change. so you don’t have to deal with all over sweat stains. ;)


my wife marion has been filmed for the cool “wiener portraits” blog from our friend mary. therefore we went to stefan joham’s new studio to make a portrait for the film. i decided to also shoot an outfit in this cool new studio located in the most important photography street of vienna, where one photography gallery and shop is lined up next to the other. it’s the perfect location for his studio. to see more of stefan’s work check out his instagram feed – stefan joham.

the outfit i’m wearing includes my new matthew miller shirt, which i bought on sale, combined with shortened classic japanese culottes (called “hakama”). since culottes are a big trend for women right now, i think it’s also time for men to wear them. emancipation in fashion! ;)

i also brought my new “evolution of walk” vehicle for the shooting. thanks again to marc from “my own board” for my own lasercut, personalized skate deck.

the wheel is invented so let’s ride!

shirt: matthew miller
culottes: vintage hakama (shortened by local tailor)
leggings: borrowed from wife
shoes: vans tesela
visor: clip
skate deck: my own board

location: stefans studio , 1070 vienna
photographer: stefan joham