this holiday i’m enjoying a relaxed time in florida. here’s what i wore during a visit at the gulf coast.

ft. myers beach is the perfect place to end a day with a sunset. you can feel the super fine, powdery white sand between your toes and a slight sea breeze in the air, watch the pelicans dive for their dinner catch and if you are lucky also some dolphins are showing up (unfortunately not for this shooting).

so what’s my perfect beach look (when i’m not jumping in the water)? i chose a light and classic outfit. i layered two customized t-shirts from son of a tailor in black and white. then i added my new laser cut gram shoes, which are also allowing a fresh breeze around your toes and prevent them from getting to cheesy ;) also i believe it’s time we start to wear our t-shirts tucked into the trousers – the retro look is back.

I hope you take some sort of inspiration from this, big or small. You see, the term “beachwear” is so broad these days that it could almost mean anything. There is no limit, especially in the fashion world. When some of you hear the word beachwear, you might think about that beautiful one-piece swimsuit that you saw from a place like Hermoza, (, the swimming shorts that were recommended to you by a friend, or the outfit that I have kitted out myself here. You can go to the beach at any time of the day, so making sure you have a range of outfits to ensure you make the most out of your time here will be very important, and there is nothing better than making your own fashion statement.

So, what are you waiting for?

t-shirts: son of a tailor
trousers: filippa k by zalando
shoes: gram shoes 380g
sunglasses: rosemanclub charlie marsala

location: ft. myers beach, florida
photographer: lady venom