miami is a place of contrasts. from the rich south beach to the poorer surroundings. from the vivid art scene to the superficial beach posers.

when i am in miami i always love to visit wynwood – the not anymore so secret street art capital of the world – too see the astonishing, new pieces from the scene. when you  go there you immediately feel that you are in the middle of the contrasts of the city. you can see the artsy people right next to homeless people asking you for money, high end cafés right next to people pushing their shopping carts with all their belongings. it’s crazy, but very much reflects miami as a city.

i actually wanted to show you some photos from this area, but after shooting for some hours, i was up for an unpleasant surprise later. unfortunately the sd card was damaged after touching it with my greasy chips-eating fingers – so here’s a life lesson learned! luckily we had some more hours to reshoot most of the lost content, including a second visit to the lincoln garage. but: i will come back to wynwood, i promise, and the next time i will be on a chips diet ;-)

so for this blogpost i went to the famous lincoln garage, a very cool building in miami beach and then my wife found a new, very interesting place. it’s an ancient, spanish monastery which has a very meditative feel and also a lush glow. it is like the time stands still there and the plants that grow there can’t be found in the rest of miami. it’s a hidden, silent jungle treasure in this loud, modern and party affine city.

t-shirt: juun.j
shorts: juun.j
sneakers: vans x the lionheaded (customized by me – cutout)
shades: oxydo

1111 lincoln road, south beach, miami – florida
north shore beach community center, miami – florida
ancient spanish monastery, miami – florida

photographer: lady venom