remember the brand new vegan and organic shaving products from this austrian men’s care product line? there’s some new stuff coming in this monday.

i received the tubes from michael straight out of production. so i’m really happy that i can show you this shaving essentials from skincare today. the 021 shaving crème contains such goodness as natural coco sugar tensides. these are understood to soften the facial hairs in preparation for an easy, effortless shave. i love the fresh and spicy smell. shaving becomes very smooth with this crème and the skin feels really soft also after the shave. to make the feel even softer i use the 031 after shave balm with aloe vera and shea butter to calm and relax the skin and make you ready for lots of kisses.

now you can help istvan & michael to reach their goal on kickstarter and produce more of their kick ass skin & hair essences : on kickstarter

021 shaving crème
031 after shave balm

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Photographer: lady venom