running is getting more and more popular. it has a lot of advantages, not only for your health but also in comparison to other sports.

you don’t need heavy equipment and tools or a special terrain to go for a run. you can do it nearly everywhere from city jungles to mountain trails and beach promenades. so it’s also the best sport for jet set travellers.

it is also a perfect way to explore your city and do something for your health. when you get up early and you run on the empty and quiet streets of an awakening vienna you also get the chance to enjoy famous tourist attractions all by yourself. in this photo shoot i was running through vienna’s first district and you can see a lot of the beautiful historical buildings we have here in the city.

porsche design sport by adidas has created a special reflective running gear which makes you more visible and gives you extra safety for your early morning city run. i love that they have a very simple and stylish collection which doesn’t make you look like a neon sign but still offer you safety. the short is also made of 88% recycled polyester which i really love.

jacket: porsche design sport by adidas
shirt: porsche design sport by adidas
shorts: porsche design sport by adidas
shoes: porsche design sport by adidas

location: 1010, vienna
photographer: lady venom

in friendly collaboration with porsche design sport by adidas