when you are born your shadow also appears and he will follow you for the rest of your life. everyday when you get up in the morning you and your shadow have a small birth to live again.


with that reborn body i was out an about for an early morning event with my wife in the new vienna central station. i thought to myself when we are already up that early we can also use the light and work on a new photo shoot for the blog. getting up early is still hard for me, but it’s absolutely worth it. the morning light has a special glow and i love the feel of the still sleepy city and empty streets. even the central station, which is normally really crowded is still calm and almost empty.

as always everything i produce is well prepared and planned for a long time ;) when i saw the chairs during the event, i knew i had to borrow one and then i was ready to go. it turned out to work really well with the low standing sun and long shadows. sometimes a very usual item goes a long way for a fashion shoot.

shirt: matthew miller–similar here
shorts: helmut lang vintage
shoes: dr. martens by zalando
visor: clip

location: central station, 1100 vienna
photographer: lady venom