the wind blew through our hair and the locals told us that “bora” is kissing us. after the whole crew bougth new hats we were ready for the sea. (3 von 50) (45 von 50) (1 von 50) (8 von 50) (12 von 50) (14 von 50) (18 von 50) (29 von 50) (30 von 50) (31 von 50) (35 von 50) (37 von 50) (42 von 50) (48 von 50) (50 von 50)

i had the most fun and lovely crew one can have with me. justinne, ana, the two lovely sisters irina & emilia and of course my wife marion were invited to the 47th barcolana. it’s a traditional international sailing regatta taking place in the gulf of trieste during the second sunday in october every year. the famous ocean race is one of the most crowded regattas in the world, with almost 2.000 participating boats.

after a big bang the race started and you could feel the adrenaline in the air. helicopters were cruising around our heads and the police tried to keep everything in order on their jet skis. we stayed on one of the two big available photographer boats. luckily we had a really mad captain who brought us pretty close to the sailors (sometimes they even screamed at us). we had our fun as you can imagine.

after this breathtaking experience we wandered through trieste city. special thanks to discover trieste for the invitation and  marco, enrico and costanza who showed us around and selected some really cool places – so i can offer you again some tips:

lionheaded’s trieste tips:

chocolate – the best hot chocolate i ever had!
zoe food – lots of vegetarian and vegan dishes (i’m a vegetarian almost since birth)
mimì e cocotte – amazing wraps and cupcakes


hat: from a booth at the pier
coat: rains
sweater: filippa k.
trousers: filippa K.
sneakers: veja

location: barcolana, trieste, italy
photographer: lady venom / marion vicenta payr

in friendly collaboration with discover trieste