sleepless in the famous otto wagner postsparkasse.

for this new collaboration i teamed up with annika from the blog her pistol go. we wanted to create a moody version of a dream. the controversy of man and woman. plus and minus. black and white. dreaming or being awake? to underline the dream visions we worked with yet another song from tracy irvee – the rising swedish band. this film was entirely filmed with an go pro!

the perfect location for this story was easily found: the postsparkassse in vienna with it’s stunning architecture, beautiful stairs and corridors and moody backstage corners are the ideal match for this story… so watch the film and be inspired to dream.


a special thanks goes out to christian from die wiener friseure for the hairdo. i love the atmosphere of their new shop, you can feel a lot of passion for every customer and detail there.

for the outfit i chose an allwhite combination with a t-shirt from my friend simon from simon&me. check out his impeccable style and well made handcrafted goods: simon&me

my outfit:
dress (borrowed from my wife): rodebjer
shirt: simon&me
shorts: juun.j
shoes: kenzo by zalando

for annikas outfit go to:
her pistol go

hair: die wiener friseur
location: otto wagner postsparkasse, 1010 vienna
cinematographer: patrick domingo
music: tracy irve – see you naked (follow them on facebook for upcoming songs: tracy irve)
filmed with a go pro