levitating in photography is nothing new but i’m still in love with it. already in dali’s still life photographs cats and people were flying around- okay but im not measuring myself with this guy.


catching the moment and making things weightless, floating through buildings and landscapes. pictures are just a split second of reality, that is frozen forever.

i’m happy that this is already my second season with porsche design sport by adidas. the luxury brand was launched in 2006 with a men’s range, that defined a new era of engineered luxury sportswear and it continues in every collection. the futuristic bounce:s4 sneakers are helping a lot while jumping up and down the whole time. the light weight down jacket doesn’t drag me down so i could lift off much higher. the jacket is made out of the best down cluster quality which means a 90% down to 10% feathers mixture. cheap jackets usually contain a mixture of 50% to 50% or just feathers. you can feel the difference in the warmth and weight.

this time i also finally show you the hat i bought from my trip in london a few weeks ago. check out: lovely london
light down jacket: porsche design sport by adidas
shirt: vintage ann demeulemeester
tank top: porsche design sport by adidas – summer collection
jeans: my own design (customized by me)
bounce:s4 style shoes: porsche design sport by adidas
luxbox iphone case: thewtfactory

location: st.marx, vienna
photographer: patrick domingo

in friendly collaboration with porsche design sport by adidas