no wonder this is the most photographed mountain in the world. it’s beauty and unique shape is mesmerizing.

after more than half a year of preparations, we finally managed to see this beautiful spot in the swiss mountains. together with my wife marion, and our instagram friends ana and nicole we were hungry for mountain glory. nicole is world famous for her matterhorn pictures and also invented her own hashtag called #tobleronemountain. we were very lucky to have her as our guide, as she already knows the best spots. she also brought along her new foldable kayak, so we could be the first to explore the epic mountain lakes by boat.

finally we escaped the bad weather in vienna to a beautiful weekend full of sunshine in zermatt.
zermatt is a really famous, car free mountaineering and skiing village in the swiss alps. it’s surrounded by switzerland’s highest peaks including the matterhorn. it is really pretty with lots of old houses dating back more than 500 years. in 2015 they are celebrating 150 years of the first ascent of the matterhorn.

every day we got up really early to explore the mountains during the first rays of sun. the first night we spent at the fluhalp which is located at about 2500m above sea level. the next night we enjoyed waking up at the kulmhotel gornergrat at 3100m above sea level. the altitude was already a bit of a problem for the girls because of the lack of oxygen. i still felt very well there – maybe i was a tibetan in my former life ;)

the kulmhotel gornergrat looks like a futuristic station on mars. the architecture is really something! every room is dedicated to a mountain in the area and when you look out the window at night, you can see more stars then anywhere else in the valley (if you’re lucky and enjoy a clear night sky like we had). so it was quite special and exciting to sleep there. you can also hear the glacier roaring, as it makes it’s way down the valley and even the light looks different up there. everything is very calm with a mystic silence at this altitude. it’s like stepping into another world.

i got the perfect outfit for that trip with a classic mountain look from timberland in a new color palette – timberland created a black collection for the first time in their history! check out the so called #blackforest collection. i’m really stoked for this one! this collection also features customized embossing for your shoes. you can choose 10 digits of alphabet, numbers or their own special symbols. the waterproof parka keeps you dry and protects you from wind with a removable inside layer – which is perfect for fast changing weather conditions in the mountains. the wool west helps you stay warm and the timberland gore tex boots are perfect, even for the muddy grounds surrounding the lake.

i hope i will be back in zermatt again in winter with my snowboard. nicole told us that zermatt is the best ski and snowboard paradise in switzerland.


lionheaded’s zermatt tips:

bergrestaurant fluhalp – for a rustic night up in the mountains
chez vrony – for cheese fondue
kulmhotel gornergrat – for a comfortable stay at high altitude
cervo zermatt – for burgers and drinks

timberland #blackforest collection

gulf beach ribbed beanie: timberland
rollins mountain parka: timberland
west: timberland
thomson lake workwear trousers: timberland
richmont mock toe chukka boots: timberland

location: zermatt and surroundings
photographer: lady venom/ marion vicenta payr

in friendly collaboration with timberland

thanks for the invitation to amazing zermatt: schweiz tourismus & zermatt tourism
travel support: swiss international air lines & swiss travel system