i’m always on the lookout for inspiring new creative fashion and luckily i stumbled upon the young and reckless designs from hvala ilija. viennese fashion needs a viennese backdrop as well and the vienna design week was the perfect opportunity to pair viennese fashion with contemporary design.


i’m really happy to see unique and creative people blooming in my current hometown vienna. ilija is studying fashion design in the famous “die angewandte” university in vienna at the moment. he got the idea for his first collection while staying in the fashion school “hetzendorf”.

“i wouldn’t say that the place itself had an impact on my designs or the outcome, but being in these big, bright and golden rooms while listening to biggie or crime mob has its own quality to it. if you saw the garden, you’d like to study here yourself! google “schloss hetzendorf” and check out the garden. really.” (source – creem)

the collection is opulent, vivid and still simple. sometimes even a black loving fashion blogger needs some vivid colors. currently ilija is working on his second collection and i’m really looking forward to seeing what’s coming up next from the creative mastermind. i definitely want to show you more upcoming designers in the future on my blog.

to complete the look i wore my new 3 locks esplar sneakers from veja. veja is one of the most sustainable shoe brands out there. i really love their clean and sophisticated design, which is rare to find in ecological brands.

the pictures were created during the vienna design week – austria’s biggest design festival. the last 2 photos were created using the analogue glass lenses from the jelly series by taliaYstudio – a young designer who worked together with austria’s traditional chandelier manufacturer lobmeyr for the “wien produkte” line up.

shirt: hvala ilija
jumpsuit: hvala ilija
socks: simon freund
shoes: veja


location: vienna design week (ganz neue galerie, ankerbrot fabrik) and donau city
props: jelly series by taliaYstudio x lobmeyr
photographer: lady venom/ marion vicenta payr