(Advertorial) every individual is shaping the world with every step in every second. with our hands we form the elements in countless creations.

this also happened with this cinder mountain we found in styria. this mountain was shaped by miners. the epic and just accidentally shaped lines were just perfect for the shoot. it was the first thing that came to our minds when my wife and i were planning this production for eigensinnig.

eigensinnig is a boutique in vienna which shows a curated selection of individual contemporary luxury pieces. if you enter the store you immediately know that every detail is a form of art. you can see and feel the love for aesthetics the owners put into this art gallery of fashion. if you are searching for rare artisanal pieces which you can wear for more than just one season you are in the right place. here you’ll find  handcrafted pieces which are truly limited with refined details.

i prefer to buy something unique and outstanding i could combine in many ways and which i still love after a few years. pieces for a lifetime. one example are the trousers by song for the mute. the focus of the brand are curated and special developed fabrics. in the case of this trousers they developed a fabric made out of paper.

for this project i teamed up with the talented and unique juule from the blog phosphenes.  the grandmaster patrick domingo was also on board again. tomorrow our new fashion film will be released.

check the blog of juule tomorrow for the girl style – phosphenes

make sure to keep up with the unique and fine gallery of fashion on facebook – eigensinnig

outfit by eigensinnig

poncho: inaisce
scarf: hannibal
long shirt: sosnovska
trousers: song for the mute
boots: marsell

location: a cinder mountain in styria
photographer: lady venom/ marion vicenta payr


in friendly cooperation with eigensinnig