metropolis is the right name for this city of superlatives with over 14 million people. it’s europe’s largest city maybe because istanbul is not just european. (29 von 41) (1 von 41) (38 von 41) (7 von 41) (21 von 41) (12 von 41) (8 von 41) (14 von 41) (19 von 41) (2 von 41) (27 von 41) (22 von 41) (28 von 41) (31 von 41) (37 von 41)

we went to istanbul to shoot for a new project called “the grand portrait” by our friend mary. mary decided, that i should open the new season – wohoo. the short film will be released later this year and is now in production by the grandmaster patrick domingo – so stay tuned!

and istanbul? well, istanbul is taking over your senses as soon as you enter the city. from the oriental markets to the shopping streets, from the mosques to the parks and alleys.

we stayed at the park hyatt which really felt like living in an oriental palace. we had our own steam bath in our room. this place was really gorgeous with an outstanding service.

for this photoshoot we went up way too early to catch the sunrise on this hidden rooftop. we needed some time to find this hidden place and then we had to call the local guard, who’s number we got from a friend. he opened the locked door and we went up there completely by ourselves. as you can imagine getting up early and having no food could lead to a disaster but luckily we found the place before a serious hangry attack burst out.

btw: on this rooftop james bond was also riding his motorcycle in the opening scene of skyfall (sorry james backflash)!


thanks to the park hyatt maca palas for having us

co models: marion, mary, patrick

filming for the grand portrait

pullover: matthew miller
coat: rains
trousers: uniforms for the dedicated
shoes: adidas
sunglasses: dior

location: secret rooftop in istanbul
photographer: lady venom/ marion vicenta payr