(Advertorial) five bloggers were invited to follow the footsteps of the new james bond film “spectre” by sky. our goal: to check out some of the filming locations in Austria and play our personal 007 story.


since i was the only man i had the burden of becoming mr.007 myself but in the end maybe i was just a villain. nina, kathi, vicky and sonja had the chance to play the girl’s roles in this “blog-buster”.

i’m sure you can imagine how much i enjoyed dressing up as 007 in a tuxedo. admittedly, when i’m relaxing at home, i like to dress a little more casual, so you’ll normally find me in cargo shorts (the shorts from Unionbay are super comfy) and a hoodie. but that just means i love getting the opportunity to scrub up and dress smartly and this was the perfect opportunity.

the journey started in innsbruck. we were invited to one of the biggest cinema pre-screenings here in austria with lots of international press. the film inspired us and we were ready to play our roles. in true 007 style, of course we had to pay a visit to the casino in Innsbruck. We could have gone to pitpass.com to learn more about our options, of course, but even so it is different when you’re there in person. We had such a great time at the casino and I’d definitely consider going back. In the more recent years (after Casino Royale of course. coincidence?!) several mobile casinos are becoming increasingly popular, could it be the film incorporating gambling or the incentive of people wanting to possibly increase their finances.

after a short night we were kind of ready for soelden. i put on my snow-smoking to go snowboarding with nina while the other girls tested the snowcat. maybe i should have chosen the snowcat too. after the first ride with our boards i decided we need more action and ninas board went downhill without her. please don’t ask – too much posing was probably involved – and yes it was my fault also concerning the posing. we couldn’t find that board anymore so if you’re around soelden maybe you are lucky to find a girl’s board.

now it was time to explore one of the locations where the new “spectre” movie was filmed. in the really futuristic “ice q” building on the gaislachkoglberg in an altitude of over 3000 meters above sealevel we enjoyed a delicious lunch.

after that we checked in in the “bergland sölden” hotel, where daniel craig stayed while filming there. the hotel hase a really awesome rooftop pool to check out, maybe daniel craig also made his rounds there.

the next day we went for a long road trip through one of the most beautiful alpine roads i have seen so far – called the “timmelsjoch”.

the “grand hotel lienz” waited for us on the other side and after spending one night there it was time to shoot some guns in obertilliach – the last station of our tour. i think all of us made a really good job aiming at some bad boys and girls – at least we pretended to do so and we were really happy no one got hurt because of our amateur skills.

the mayor of obertilliach showed us some of the filming locations from “spectre” afterwards. since we saw the film already it was really impressive to see the places and listen to the stories how everything came together. for example there were around 400 people working on every location and some scenes of a few minute length in the movie needed more than 2 weeks of filming.

to see more pics of this amazing trip check:

after this trip i think we all got into a serious james bond fever.

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tuxedo, accessories & shoes: linnerth
glasses: tom ford
holster: simbatec
suit & shirt: peek&cloppenburg
shoes & belt: gucci
shades: dior
outfit: timberland
shades: smith

bergland soelden
grandhotel lienz

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photographer: lady venom/ marion vicenta payr

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