i got myself an early christmas present from the belgian mastermind this year.

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the 2 pocket shirt with the signature embossed leather logo patch was on my list for a while now. raf simons was and still is one of the most inspiring designers for me. his style is always fashion forward and unique, but also included timeless characteristics, which rarely any other designer can accomplish.

he actually began working as a furniture designer for various galleries, having previously interned at the design studio of walter van beirendonck. van beirendonck took him to paris fashion week and that was when simons first saw a fashion show. it was martin margiela’s all-white show in 1991, which inspired simons to turn to fashion design.

after this impression his first collection was in fall-winter 1995, and featured two street models in a video presentation. simons’ aesthetic always incorporated youth culture from divergent sources. a major inspiration was the 90’s rave scene, which is now more popular than ever. 90’s are back in all their glory.

shirt: raf simons
jeans: raf simons
sneakers: veja

location: leopold museum,vienna
photographer: lady venom