for a long time i was planning to get self employed. 2016 is the year! (3 von 24), (1 von 1) (9 von 24) (2 von 24) (10 von 24) (14 von 24) (8 von 24) (11 von 24) (23 von 24) (19 von 24) (16 von 24) (21 von 24) (12 von 24)
It was a long journey with some attempts, like founding my own fashion brand and trying to get rich as an artist ;)

Now my blog finally brought me the long-awaited deliverance from the classic 9-to-5 business life. Okay, there is still some of the hated paperwork to do, especially when it comes to taxes and insurance. But this needs doing. If anything, it’s some of the most important documents that I need to complete in both my personal and working life. If I was still working in my job, we’d be required to use a type of Document Scanning Software, that can be found at places like filecenterdms, to make sure that we had digital copies of these documents too. You see, our office was so overcrowded with paperwork that you could hardly find anything, we probably spent more time looking for paper than using it. My employer recently decided to make the switch to the likes of a document scanning service to combat this. And to be honest, if I ever find myself needing to do the same thing, I will. For now, I’m just going to enjoy this new chapter of my life, as this blog is the freedom I’ve been searching for for a long time.

Now I can put all my creative energy and passion into this baby and I hope you join the ride! Let’s throw some paper shavings to honor the occasion! Mr. pat Domingo was celebrating with me and made this new awesome short fashion film.

There’s no better outfit for this celebration and the start of my new life than the young jacket and my new creepers. here’s to freedom of choice!

jacket: fucking young x victor von schwarz
shirt: ann demeulemeester –similar here
trousers: hope
shoes: underground

location: university of economics, vienna
photographer/cinematographer: patrick domingo