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while strolling through the peek&cloppenburg shopping temple in vienna’s famous kaerntnerstraße i found out how huge the real world can be. the selection there is really big and since i’m living  in my online world most of the time, i decided to ask a sales staff member where to find a special outfit for the christmas eve. he thought for a second and then he showed me this jacket from “hugo by hugo boss” and i was sure that this is it. the perfect jacket for a sparkly night!

so first off: thank you to the incredibly well trained p&c staff members for saving me some hours searching for fashion pieces in the offline world. now i was sure that this jacket needed some boots and jeans to dress it down a little, so it would look more casual and easy going for a glamourous but still cozy christmas eve. skinny jeans with a lot of stretch and a stretch shirt are helping a lot when it comes to a christmas dinner. so in this look you will sparkle but you are still able to make the cook happy!

my good friend and outstanding cinematographer patrick domingo helped me out and made another epic and glamourous short film so you can see the look sparkle even more!

now you can win the whole look worth almost 700 euros (austrian participants only, sorry) on facebook by following this link and leaving a comment on the photo:

click here: peek&cloppenburg austria on facebook

jacket: hugo by peek&cloppenburg
bow tie: hugo by peek&cloppenburg
shirt: review by peek&cloppenburg
jeans: review by peek&cloppenburg
boots: selected by peek&cloppenburg

cinematographer: patrick domingo
photographer: lady venom
music: caribou – can’t do without you (manila killa & kidswaste cover)


in friendly collaboration with peek&cloppenburg austria