layering is nothing new in fashion. but at the moment it seems we reached the layering peak. (1 von 1) (1 von 1) (1 von 1) (1 von 1) (1 von 1) (1 von 1) (1 von 1) (1 von 1) (1 von 1) (1 von 1) (1 von 1) (1 von 1) (1 von 1) (1 von 1) (1 von 1)

maybe the layering trend was inspired by the mountaineering & sports world, which uses layering ever since for protection purposes. and it definitely makes sense in the wintertime to layer up. that’s why i stepped up the game by inceptioning the layering. i wore a t-shirt over a turtleneck pullover and a jacket over the coat so the layering is more visible. the t-shirt is actually from the über cool second hand designer shop by stylist roman globan called “peng!” here in vienna. if you search for unique yet affordable design pieces from roman’s archive check this place out!

spontaneously we went out for a sunday photoshoot at the nearby lake “neusiedlersee” and got lucky! once we made it there, we found a natural layering of ice blocks on the shore – creating the perfect location for the set of our layering fashion shoot. i have never seen a phenomena like this before and it was pretty impressive as you can see.

i believe it has been caused by the lake freezing over a couple of days before, but then melting away right after. so it wasn’t a thick layer of ice yet, but a multitude of ice floes, that separated again and got shifted to the shore by the heavy winds at the lake.

shop the look:

some fresh beats for breaking the ice:

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location: neusiedler lake, burgenland, austria
photographer: lady venom / marion vicenta payr