suits are always a symbol of serious business – but i wanted to change that up. so i took my new suit to the beach.

i think from time to time you have to break some rules to feel free. who says you have to walk around with your sweatpants or pjays on when you have a day off – try something new and dress up. when you dress up your day also gets more shine and glow like a special birthday or celebration. celebrate life and do something new!

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the traditional high quality label van laack was established in 1881. so it’s over 135 years in business today. it’s mostly known for the perfectly tailored shirt, but van laack offers the whole look for a modern gentleman. you can easily recognize a van laack via the iconic 3 hole button which confirms, that you have bought high quality materials assembled with care and love for details and timeless taste. is a french e-commerce company that pioneered the model of online flash sales in an exclusive club. just register and get your gentleman look on sale at:

vente-privee x van laack


jacket: van laack
shirt: van laack
trousers: van laack
tie: van laack
belt: van laack
sunglasses: tom ford (thanks to marcolin & relationsroom)
shoes: frank wright
location: ft. myers beach, florida
photos by: ladyvenom/marion vicenta payr

in friendly collaboration with van laack