sportswear inspired high fashion is on the runways all over the planet now. austria also has a voice in this field with sabrina stadlober’s designs. (1 von 1) (1 von 1) (1 von 1)-17

i met sabrina one week before i was headed to paris for this season’s men’s fashion week. this girl is an inspiring creative artist all over. she came skin headed and dressed in all black – do i need to tell you more? her career started early while attending a fashion school in graz. then she went to “esmod” in munich for her diploma and after an internship at aitor throup (her favorite designer) her designs developed into masterpieces. (1 von 1) (1 von 1) (1 von 1) (1 von 1)

we talked about her clothes and you can feel that there went a lot of love into every piece she is creating – wether it’s a coat with backpack details as pockets or the ingenious double-sided shirt which appears like a dress if worn open or just layers up to one shirt. when you have the pieces in your own hands you will see that every seem is well thought through. (1 von 1) (1 von 1) (1 von 1) (1 von 1) (1 von 1)-16

i’m really happy to show you this rising design star and i’m sure she has the potential to really make it in the fashion industry. it’ s already been too long since helmut lang left the business and showed the world, that austria creates some gems!

most of the pieces are custome made so just contact here to get your unique design on facebook or via the website:

sabrina stadlober

location: espace d’abraxas- noisy le grand, paris
photographer: lady venom / marion vicenta payr