there is always a reason to celebrate. the perfect champagne for a special occasion is the limited grand vintage 2006 by moët & chandon. (3 von 90) (5 von 90)


i celebrated my ten year anniversary with my wife already two years ago (crazy right?), but like i said there is always a good reason to celebrate. (13 von 90)claude moët started to ship his wine from champagne to paris already in 1743. now it’s one the world’s largest expansive champagne producers. following the introduction of the concept of a vintage champagne in 1840, moët marketed it’s first vintage in 1842. a vintage wine is one made from grapes that were all, or primarily, grown and harvested in a single specified year. (20 von 90) (23 von 90) (28 von 90)the primary grapes used in the production of champagne are black pinot noir and pinot meunier but also white chardonnay. (30 von 90) (25 von 90) (54 von 90)to celebrate the special occasion of the “newest” grand vintage, we went to the park hyatt hotel in vienna. the hotel opened it’s the new bar “the bank brasserie & bar” just this month. there you can also get the limited edition by moët & chandon. but before going to the bar, we were provided a photography playground of 820 square meters – it was not only once we got lost in the endless rooms of the so called “royal penthouse suite”. (26 von 90) (34 von 90) (33 von 90) (39 von 90) (44 von 90) (56 von 90) (60 von 90) (89 von 90) (90 von 90) (84 von 90)

after exploring the suite (and it’s rooftop terrace), we changed location to the bar in the beautiful former historical bank building. a perfect place to really start the celebration.

to get a festive and well fitting suit i went to “sturm“, a classic menswear house in vienna with an outstanding service and knowledge of traditional style. i added a modern touch to the classic suit with a hat i bought during last year’s london fashion week and a cutout sweater by “carven”. sorry for not being properly dressed, mr. sturm ;)

for more info about the grand vintage 2006 champagne go to:

grand vintage 2006

here you can order your bottle for celebration:

Tel.  +43 1 535 00 10 – 0 

also available at julius meinl in vienna

my outfit for the celebration:

suit: sturm
tie: helmut lang vintage
sweater: carven
shoes: gucci vintage

location: park hyatt vienna, 1010 vienna
photographer: lady venom / marion vicenta payr

in friendly collaboration with: moët & chandon