aren’t we all more than ready for spring? but it will probably still need a few more weeks for the most flirty season in the year to finally arrive in it’s full bloom. so if you’re still searching for spring, timberland’s new spring collection will help you survive the changing weather conditions.

i’m happy to announce that i’m teaming up with timberland again this season. the well known brand, which is most renowned for their classic boots, invented a new technology for your all day comfort.


it’s called timberland’s patented sensorflex™ comfort system. it’s a three-layer platform: the firm upper layer provides all day-comfort and stability, a softer “eva” middle layer adapts to uneven surfaces, and the bottom outsole layer features a grooved sole that flexes with every step.

Lionheaded_Timberland_FInal_190316-17all in all it’s a very lightweight construction, which still gives you a very good support – perfect for a photo shoot and film production with the crew from “constant evolution”. you never know what we are up to when we come together. this time i had to climb trees, run, jump and i even tried to walk on water (which i figured out is still a quality i haven’t achieved yet). maybe it works when i open my hair because it’s more jesus like.
Lionheaded_Timberland_FInal_190316-14Lionheaded_Timberland_FInal_190316-9Lionheaded_Timberland_FInal_190316-11this time i was photographed by the talented philipp zottl and his hasselblad.


mr. pat domingo produced the moving fashion short film above to give you a deeper vision of the look.

in the collection timberland also shows one of the best bomber jackets this season. the quilted skye peak jacket fits neat-less into the big 80’s and 90’s revival at the moment. the jacket is perfect for the days when you never know what the weather will be outside.

again a solid and wearable collection from the brand founded in a small city within the unspeakably named state of massachusetts.

timberland collection items in this post:

jacket: skye peak
sweatshirt: river crew
shirt: lane river
jeans: sargent lake
shoes: wharf district
hat: timberland

photographer: philipp zottlconstant evolution
cinematographer: patrick domingoconstant evolution
musik: broke for free – melt

location: 1020 vienna


in friendly collaboration with timberland.