you know how much i love fashion, but what i didn’t tell you yet is that i have a soft spot for architecture too. especially when it comes to concrete and minimalism like the buildings at vitra campus you can count me in! was really happy to travel to the vitra campus in weil am rhein for a day. this is a true mecca for architects, architecture and design lovers alike.
together with lovely deea from and my photographer girl we explored the buildlings at the campus.


vitra got famous with the licensed production of furniture from charles and ray eames, george nelson and the herman miller collection for the european market. if you still don’t know the brand, but i’m pretty sure you have stumbled across the famous designs like the lounge chair from charles and ray eames!

we were also invited as one of the first to view a new exhibition in the vitrahaus. interior architect india mahdavi transformed the loft on the upper floor of the vitrahaus into an “alice in wonderland” themed playground. the dreamland setting is dominated by rose colored furniture and playful accessories. it includes oversized decorative elements that aim at giving you the feeling of being shrunk. like standing amonst those giant edelweiss scultpures made of felt. of course i couldn’t resist to oppose the candy colored wonderland with a few shots at the minimalist conference pavillion by japanese self-taught architect tadao ando. i travelled together with lovely deea from les factory femmes, so i could skip the part of adapting my outfit to the pink wonderland – that part was left to her. deea was also our architecture pro because she is a blogger by day and an architect by love architecture, but i’m still learning about the different masters and types.

i found out, that i’m not a big fan of zaha hadid. one of her first buildings is also part of the campus – and it turned out to not be too useful when it comes to comfort. don’t get me wrong, i love creativity and being nonconform but when you get dizzy everyday when you go to toilet i’m not sure if you’d be a fan of that building either. for me everything is about emotions and feelings and in all the buildings from zaha, that i visited so far, i didn’t really feel well.

the exact opposite is the conference building by tadao ando at the campus. you enter the pavillion, which was actually built just for meetings and you already feel well, cozy and you have a coming home experience. maybe because tadao creates everything with an unbeatable love for details – it seems that everything is well thought through and guided by undistracted feelings. he actually worked as a truck driver and boxer before settling on the profession of architect, despite never having formal training in the field. autodidact people for me are always the best – they do something, because it’s already part of them and not because it’s cool or hip to do – or because it looks good in public or their mum said so.

just a short story to let you get a better understanding about who tadao ando is and how he works: for the building at the vitra campus he had to cut down 3 cherry trees, although he really tried to avoid to cut any of them. to appreciate the life of these trees he made imprints of one of each of their leaves at the entrance wall.

this is a story that makes me love architecture a whole lot more! for my first love – fashion – i teamed up with sabrina stadlober again. sabrina’s styles are also well thought through and as sculptural as good architecture.

make sure to also check out deea’s post to get more info about her outfit:

les factory femmes

my outfit:

cape: sabrina stadlober
two sided shirt: sabrina stadlober
sweatpants: han kjobenhavn
sandals: marc o’polo

i found a nice youtube video about how tadao works – it explains everything! :

location: vitra campus, weil am rhein, germany
photographer: lady venom / marion vicenta payr

thanks to vitra for the invitation.