(Advertorial) you might have already heard of this region before – cappadocia is the number one place for hot air ballon rides in the world. this was on my bucket list for a long time already, and well, let me tell you – the whole experience was beyond. i’m super excited that nespresso partnered up with me (and their new prodigio machine) to make this all possible.

but let’s start at the beginning!


when Nespresso asked me to create a story for their new connected “prodigio” coffee machine.”prodigio” is Italian for a miracle – push the button and the miracle happens! I immediately had this idea: I could ride a hot air balloon in the sunrise and order my breakfast coffee via the smartphone app directly from the basket so that my coffee would be ready and waiting for me when I land. well and that’s what I did (still pinching myself!).


I got very lucky because the usually good Anatolian weather wasn’t always great this weekend. but on the day of my balloon ride, the sky was clear and we got to take off. this was also my first time flying with a hot air balloon and I have to admit I was a bit nervous.

but now I know: I love the way the balloon takes of and flies – it’s so gentle and soft and before you know it you are up 30 meters high. our very talented pilot cem was able to maneuver the balloon in different heights and even directions, which i thought to be impossible. but he flew through this bizarre stone landscape like a pro. it felt like being a drone – i could almost touch some of the peaks and edges of the monumental cliffs, as we passed by just a few centimeters over them.


and then captain cem decided “let’s go higher” – so that’s what we did! in just a few seconds we went to 1000 meters above sealevel! all in a small woven basket of approximately 1 cubic meter. looking at the landscape through the camera i felt like a drone, but the moment i put away the camera i recognized the height and felt a little dizzy. it was just insane and breathtaking to look down on all the other balloons that looked like small needle pins.


well and then it was time to find our landing spot to enjoy a breakfast in the middle of the moonlike landscape of cappadocia. our captain called the ground crew via radio to tell them where he planned to land and they set up the table and the prodigio coffee machine (connected to a generator, so we also had electricity for it!).


when we got closer to the landing spot it was time to order my coffee from up in the air.


and how? the new “prodigio” machine is connected to your smartphone via bluetooth. the nespresso app makes it possible. You can set the timer there for whenever you need your coffee or just start you machine while still in bed or sitting on your office desk. the other good thing is that it shows exactly how much capsules you have in stock and also when machine care is needed.

Cem landed on point directly on top of the trailer of the jeep and i got out of the basket to an already brewing coffee machine. i looked at my phone and smiled a little, because this felt just like magic. the team of our air balloon company might have thought that we are a bit crazy, but they for sure never had such great coffee right at the landing spot ;-)


the next day all the balloon rides were cancelled due to wind, but my photographer girl an i decided to get up again to catch the sunlight and have a coffee moment during a picknick in the cappadocian mountains. that’s where i met a new friend – i called him bruno. he was a really relaxed dog and decided to enjoy the sunset moment together with me and my nespresso. a true happy end to my cappadocia trip!

for more info about the new nespresso prodigio machine and app go to:

nespresso prodigio


my outfit:

sunglasses: tom ford
pullover: henrik vibskov
trousers: dolce & gabbana
sandals: marc o’polo

photographer: lady venom / marion vicenta payr
location: cappadocia

in friendly collaboration with nespresso