boyfriend jeans on girls are an accepted fashion statement. but what about a dress on a man? people would immediately shake their heads and laugh about something like that – especially in austria! so gender blurring clothes aren’t the norm yet, but that doesn’t mean it will stay like that forever.

in other cultures men are wearing dresses (long tunics, etc…) like the most normal thing you can do. so wearing this combination was not a problem at all in turkey for me. it’s always just a matter of cultural concepts. who says something is appropriate?
i also think wearing a dress or a skirt is physically much more convenient for men, because to be honest – a tight jean reveals much more than a knee long skirt anyway!

demna gvasalia – the mastermind behind vetements and balenciaga’s new collections – was already quoted in new york times’ t-magazine on the question about “gender fluidity”: “but it’s so there, it’s so normal. on thursday the [vetements] show finished with two identical looks: one was on a guy and one was on a girl. we didn’t really think — oh let’s show that both of them can wear it. we just tried them and both worked and were incredible.”

i already wore skirts in fashion school over 18  years ago – so gender blurring clothes were normal for me. but since i studied in a small town in upper austria you can imagine the impact i made there. but i always wanted to be free in my expression and style. and since fashion is also an artform for me and art is always also about non-conformism and rebellion against societal norms, i also love to provoke from time to time.

there are also brands rising which just offer unisex pieces like odeur. so stay free of concepts and wear whatever makes you feel good!

these pictures were mostly made in “the house hotel cappadocia“, where i had the chance to spend 3 nights during our cappadocia trip. the hotel is very modern, but still kept the charm of the cappadocian traditions with it’s caves and stone structures. and i’m still remembering the last breakfast on the rooftop terrace we had there – there is pretty much no better way to start a day.


shop the look:

my gender blurring outfit:

cap: docker cap
shirt: matthew miller
dress: borrowed from my wife – “girlfriend’s dress”
sweatpants: henrik vibskov
sneakers: native from sneak in

location: the house hotel and cappadocian landscapes.
photographer: lady venom / marion vicenta payr



thanks to “the house hotel cappadocia” for having us.

special thanks to nespresso for making my cappadocia experience possible .