3d printing is nothing new these days. “projekt samsen” are making solid and lightweight sunglasses, that are really wearable and not just good looking.


the styles are completely printed in one piece as a monoframe (except the glasses of course) which make them more durable and they don’t need any metal hinges. the result is a super lightweight shade (only 19g) which you can wear the whole day without even noticing you have something on your nose. that makes for some classic “i can’t find my glasses while i’m wearing them” moments!

made just for you

the other good thing is that every frame is just produced for you, so there’s no overproduction and this is keeping the world a little more trash free. overproduction is a really big problem these days, especially when it comes to cheap stuff. so i’d always recommend to buy less, but good quality, if you have to buy something. these shades are a good start! they cost 180 euro, so they’re not really cheap, but you’ll get one of the most comfortable shades you have ever worn. all the styles are available in many different colors and solid or gradient lenses.

my “projekt samsen” style:


for more go to:

projekt samsen

thanks for my new shades to projekt samsen