is sportswear taking over our wardrobe? the line between daily fashion and sportswear has blurred a long time ago.

you don’t have to be a sporty fitness guy or girl to wear sweatpants and active wear. you can actually incorporate those in your daily wardrobe easily. In fact, you can click here for an array of mens tracksuits to make that easy.

the fashion industry also started including sneakers and sweatpants in their regular collections over 20 years ago. i remember one of my first designer sportswear pieces was a distressed helmut lang short sleeved sweater which i still have and love but unfortunately i grew out of it a little.

the trend really exploded with yohji yamamoto and his collab with adidas called y3. everyone needed a piece back then from the sports brand’s designer collection.

i really love the minimalist outfit i’m wearing for this photoshoot from one of the best of pure and simple fashion – the brand “joseph”.

for those who don’t know the brand yet – joseph was established in london by a moroccan entrepreneur in 1972 already. the brand grew fast from a small hairdressing salon in chelsea selling clothes from the pioneering designer kenzo takada to a worldwide imperium. they also had a collab with the great katharine hamnett.

photographer: lady venom / marion vicenta payr
location: liszt centrum, raiding – burgenland

thanks to zalando for the look