Already upon arrival in Baku your eyes will be drawn to the giant three flames on top of a hill. Especially at night the LED spectacle of the Flame Towers will light your way to the Fairmont Hotel Baku.

The facades of the three Flame Towers are turned into gigantic screens with the use of more than 10,000 high-power LEDs.

fairmont hotel baku

But let’s start at the beginning! After a flight to Istanbul I first had to go through some complications with getting a boarding pass for the Azerbaijan Airlines flight to Baku. Seems the staff at the Istanbul airport has no idea what they are doing – but after about two hours they figured out how to use Windows and so I finally got my ticket to Baku.

fairmont hotel baku

I have to say the city is pretty different from what I expected. Besides the really fantastic new photoshoot locations at every corner (a lot of contemporary architecture!) they also have a historical city center which became UNESCO World Heritage featuring the Shirvanshah’s Palace and Maiden Tower.

fairmont hotel baku

The next surprise was that the city is very green with lots of alleys and trees – also around the shopping streets. hotel baku

Strolling around you can find many small parks. You feel like in Paris, except you’ll miss (not!) the grumpiness of the french people. In Baku you can find lovebirds everywhere sitting on the benches around the parks or walking the alleys. I even witnessed a marriage proposal right next to me. So it felt really like the real Paris. In Paris I never had a feeling of love in the air, but in Baku I certainly did – sorry Paris ;)

fairmont hotel bakufairmont hotel baku

I also had the chance to attend Azerbaijan’s Fahion Week! I have to admit that the fashion wasn’t really my cup of tea, but mostly because I only saw women’s shows and no men’s ;-) Very impressive was the show of “SS by Shabunin” – because instead of music he used a melancholic Russian poem. Unfortunately I couldn’t understand a word, but the models transported the sad feeling very well and so it brought a different aspect and deeper feeling to the fashion show and will stick in my head for longer.

Baku is located 28 metres (92 ft) below sea level, which makes it the largest city in the world located below sea level with it’s almost 3 million people.

fairmont hotel baku

The Fairmont Hotel Baku is really impressively located in one of the three Flame tower buildings, which were designed by HOK. Right after entering the door you can tell this hotel is on fire with it’s huge lobby hall with Baku’s biggest crystal chandelier, but just wait until you open your room. Make sure you get your room in one of the higher floors by booking a Fairmont Gold room! I stayed in the 18th floor and this was an experience I never had before. The views were just amazing. For the photo shoot we even got the chance to visit the two biggest Suites of the hotel – the Presidential and the Royal Suite.

fairmont hotel bakufairmont hotel bakufairmont hotel bakufairmont hotel bakufairmont hotel baku

The view from the Hotel is just breathtaking. You lay in your bed and all of Baku and the caspian sea lies to your feet. I also enjoyed the big ESPA spa area with the pools a lot – taking in this view in a bathing robe after a soothing Aromatherapy massage is just perfect. hotel bakufairmont hotel baku

fairmont hotel baku



Thanks to Zalando for providing me with the outfit – the sportive but still elegant look is just perfect for a city trip!

Shirt: vintage Matthew Miller
Shades: Andy Wolf

Must See Places in Baku:

Heyder Aliyev Center – the Masterpiece from Zaha Hadid. Blogpost featuring this building coming soon! ;)

Fairmont Hotel Baku – sorry had to ad it here again – this view!

Dagüstü Park – the perfect spot for a sundown with views of the city just minutes away from the hotel

Best Food in Town (even for Vegetarians):

Tendir Restaurant – traditional Azerbaidjan cuisine in the old city – it’s all about the bread!!!


Photographer: Lady Venom / Marion Vicenta Payr
Location: Baku and the Fairmont Hotel Baku


Thanks to Fairmont for the trip.