(Advertorial) In part one of the Omega story I showed you the coastline of Ireland. The inspiration for part two of this project was the engraved observatory on the backside of the Omega Globemaster watch. So I went on to follow the Irish “Astronomy Trail” to explore and learn more about the roots of time keeping.


Ireland has some of the best viewing spots in Europe for a night sky full of stars due to it’s low amount of light pollution. And even today Ireland still has one of the highest proportions of people in the world involved in astronomy.


The Irish “Astronomy trail” is now nothing for the classic tourist, who searches for a quick adventure or the regular photo opportunity. It’s rather something for people who want to learn more about stars and the universe itself.

During my visit a fellow member of the Observatory in Dunsink explained to me that the astronomy trail is for people who want to research and explore the infinite space and something about things happening there like supernovas etc.. Especially the Dunsink Observatory is a hideaway for scientists who want to study astronomy undistracted from the world.

The Astronomy Trail and it’s link to time keeping

Now you might wonder what all this has to do with time keeping and why the Omega Globemaster of the “Constellation” series feature an observatory on their back? Well – to understand that, you have to go back to the origins of time keeping. All the time units that appear natural to man are caused by astronomical phenomena: The year by Earth’s orbit around the Sun, the month by the Moon’s movement around the Earth and so on. So without astronomy there wouldn’t be any knowledge of time or time keeping.


Tiger of Sweden provided me with the best suit this season to accompany the Omega Globemaster. The double breasted red and blue patterned look gave me the right attitude for exploring the universe ;)

Since the trip lasted just for five days and I also wanted to see all the coastlines I was always pretty tired at night. Therefore I only had one chance to really see the beautiful night sky with all the stars and the biggest orange full moon you can imagine. Unfortunately I couldn’t make a good picture of that – but I recommend going to Ireland for star gazing anway.

My Top 3 sights of Ireland:

Giant’s Causeway – Actually in Northern Ireland and belongs to GB – in this region you’ll find amazing cliffs to explore everywhere, but the geometric shaped causeway is something unique and special.
Cliffs of Moher – A long walking path on top of the cliffs at the atlantic coast – try to go all the way to the south point with a ruin on top. Tempted to book a tour to see the iconic Cliffs of Moher up close?
Slea Head Drive – A driveway along the coast of the Dingle Peninsula with beautiful spots everywhere. In Dingle you can grab something to eat in one of the lovely pubs and if you want you can also meet up with “Fungie” the dolphin by a boat ride. Make sure to also check out Connor Pass on the way to the Peninsula to drive through the mountains and see some beautiful mountain lakes.

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My Look:

Suit: Tiger of Sweden
Shirt: Tiger of Sweden
Shoes: Tiger of Sweden
Shades: Projekt Samsen

Observatories: Armagh, Dunsink & CIT Blackrock Castle; Ireland

Photographer: Lady Venom / Marion Vicenta Payr

In collaboration with Omega

Thanks to Tiger of Sweden for the Suit and to Projekt Samsen for the shades.