You may have already noticed the new #espassiert campaign by Desperados in the last weeks? The campaign is all about excitement and winning a surprise which you didn’t expect. Now the first brave ones already won – they went to London and had a crazy exciting weekend!


To celebrate the first winners of the #espassiert campaign I created my very own first street art piece. I always wanted to try my own graffiti or at least stencil. Graffiti has the essence of art for me. Since art should always be free and available for everyone. And art for me also always involves a bit of rebellion.

Street art is also really ephemeral. I love the fact that every piece in the streets has it’s own life and death. Like everything in the world also the piece will be gone after a while.

Did you know that graffiti art actually has a very long history in Austria? Okay maybe we were not the first (think about the ancient egyptians), but we had a big artist in the early days. Mr. Josef Kyselak painted the walls back in the 18th century. He put his name in big letters on places, which were difficult to reach, but everyone could see. With this he not gained fame in those days, but also incurred the wrath of the emperor –  who called him in to let him know he wasn’t allowed to ever put his name anywhere on a wall again. Legend has it, that after the talk the emperor found Kyselak’s name engraved in his desk! Well this makes for immortality and Kyselak also has his very own entry in the Brockhaus (and on Wikipedia of course).

Back to my piece – which will bring me fame across all kingdoms (just kidding)! ;-) The ones of you who are already following my journey on snapchat (@lionheaded) know that “lionhead” emoji already. You maybe also recognized, that I love the “Online World”. I like staying in the digital bubble! :) For example: you can be a real fashion blogger and write about the latest shit, while still sitting at home in your old washed out sweatpants! ;)

Unfortunately we all know that the Internet is already full of crime and just a mirror of the “offline world”. For example: Everyone loves animals on Facebook and it looks like they are all freakin’ vegans, but when you see them offline they love their animals mostly hot and saucy.

With my stencil “Stay Online” it’s obvious that i wanted to bring something from the digital world into the “real world”.

If you have similar ideas or want to create something completely new in the street art world Vienna offers the perfect canvas, because it has legal walls for all your creative outbursts. But please don’t cross others unless it’s puber ;) more infos for legal walls: wienerwand

Well, back to the original topic! The first winners of the Desperados #espassiert campaign just went to London to create their very own streetart piece with the help of the professional artist Sebastian Schager (

The lucky winners Ben & Ken were suddenly surprised by the Desperados Crew. They had to pack their luggage immediately after the surprise and before they could count to two they arrived in London for a weekend of fun and excitement. At first they had the chance to spray their first graffiti on the famous red gallery in London and then the party started. They were also surprised when arrived home where their graffiti was projected to their home and of course the party continued! Click here to view the video of their experience.

The Video for this first exciting trip will be released soon on the Desperados – #espassiert page and on my Facebook page.




Sebastian Schager (

– Just leave a comment below ! (Austria Only, and you must be over 18 years old -for the beer!) Winner will be anounced Monday 30 of May on Snapchat @lionheaded.

My #espassiert Look:

Sunglasses: Andy Wolf
Top: Christopher Shannon
Pullover: Basic – customized by me
Shorts: Christopher Shannon
White Shorts: Urban Classics
Sneakers: Diesel – coming soon

Location: Donaukanal, Vienna

Photographer: Lady Venom / Marion Vicenta Payr


In collaboration with Desperados.