There are no words for the beaches in south Corsica. They are the most beautiful I have seen so far.


This journey started with some stumbling blocks on the way. The flight was delayed and Marion and I arrived pretty late in Bastia and we received a rather old rental car which needed an oil change and also got a flat tyre later, because of a really low rubber profile.


From Bastia we had to drive south for about 2,5 hours to Porto Vecchio. When we arrived we had no warm water in our apartment for the first night. But the worst was – we had no wifi!


Luckily this was my first trip where we had one whole week for exploring. Already when we woke up in our big and beautiful apartment from interhome with sea view the mood was rising. We also checked some wifi, the warm water was working and we were ready for the beach.

The beaches of Corsica are really beautiful as you can see in this post. The water is crystal clear with lots of white sand so you get the most aquamarin turquoise water you have ever dreamed of.

corsica - Tamaricciu

My favorite beach was the ” Plage de Tamaricciu” – this place has this incredible rock formations and the turquoise water I mentioned before.

At the bottom of the rock formations you will find lots of fishes and I also spied some flounders in the sand. So don’t forget your snorkeling gear.



The high season already starts in June in Corsica, but it is still possible to get a beach place. If you do it right go there at mornings around 8am or after 4pm so you will get space to spread out your beach towel properly.


Besides the amazing beaches Corsica also has high mountains (for example Monte Cinto 8,878 ft / 2,706 m) with lots of beautiful small villages to explore. The island is really green while having pretty much no bad (rain) days (around 200 days of sun)!


My favorite beaches in Corsica:

  • Tamaricciu: The most incredible rock formations.
  • Santa Giula: Also some rocks and nice piers.
  • Small Sperone: Very small bay with beautiful white sand.

My look for the Corsica beaches by Zalando:

Shades: Finlay & co – Drycott
Jacket: Vintage – from a Second Hand store in London
Pin: BiaschtlbudeSpace Pickle – (from Vienna)

Fun Fact about Corsica:

You will find pizza everywhere – by everywhere I mean really everywhere no matter how small a village or town is, it has a pizzeria – which makes it even more love-able!


Photographer:Lady Venom / Marion Vicenta Payr

Special thanks to: Atout France , Visit Corsica, Interhome and Eurowings.