Ever heard about selfie bans in museums? Well, it all makes sense now! The Oliver Laric exhibition at Secession was closed for a couple of days due to a visitor crashing one of the sculptures while taking a photo.


But now the exhibition is back in full bloom and I was one of the lucky ones to be invited to visit it during an empty meet. If you want to visit it yourself, be quick – it closes at the 19th of June!


The exhibition features a series of Oliver Laric’s 3D printed sculptures, for which he got his inspirations at other museums. It’s called “Photoplastik” and in his body of works he transforms antique sculptures into contemporary art pieces by printing them in 3D in different kinds of materials.


It’s a statement about reproducibility and the fact that one of the statues got destroyed and was reproduced just supports this quality of his artwork – it’s as if art transcends the digital into the physical world easier nowadays.


As always I had to play around a bit with the art, because I believe art should always be approachable and not taken too seriously all the time!


Fun Facts about the Secession

  • There are bee hives in the golden cupola on the rooftop of the Secession, that are really producing honey. (This is actually quite common in Vienna and there are many cupolas for sale that can accomodate bees.)
  • In the year 2014 the Secession was transformed into the “Sexcession” with a real swinger club for an art project by Swiss artist Christoph Büchel.
  • The golden leaves on the cupola are actually only golden on the outside – from inside they’re dark green and look completely different! (Unfortunately it’s usually not allowed to visit the cupola.)


My outfit for the Secession visit

As a contrast to the white colored exhibition I chose a red colored outfit. The Russian text on my shirt reads “Ready for labor and defense” and is transferred from an USSR physical culture training program introduced in the 1930s (and ceased after the breakup of the USSR). The Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy used this program as an inspiration for his Soviet gym like collection.

Just like Oliver Laric transformed ancient sculptures into new pieces of art, Gosha Rubchinskiy transformed the physical culture of the USSR into a contemporary fashion collection. And so I became a part of the lineup of athletes in sculpture form in this Gym called Secession!

More about the Oliver Laric exhibition:

Secession – Oliver Laric open until 19th of June!

Shirt: Gosha Rubchinskiy
Shorts: Gosha Rubchinskiy
Socks: MSGM
Sandals: Teva x Han Kjobenhavn
Cap: Flexfit

Location: Secession, Vienna

Photographer: Lady Venom / Marion Vicenta Payr