It’s the second time I’m visiting Morocco this year and I finally made it to the beach. The perfect location for a beach vacation in Morocco is definitely the Mazagan Beach Resort.

mazagan beach resort

To be perfectly honest, I made it to the beach but didn’t swim there – but you know, just the feeling of sitting next to the ocean is already different. When you think of the best places for a beach vacation, you’re much more likely to think of somewhere like the Cayman Islands than Morocco. That’s totally understandable, as the Caribbean has some of the best beaches in the world – but Morocco’s beaches shouldn’t be knocked. This was just like any other beach, in the sense that I was sun-drenched all day. Luckily the resort provided canopies to shelter under while you looked out to sea, which was a nice touch. I’d recommend having a look at if you’re visiting a beach and don’t have your own because they make it a far more comfortable experience.

mazagan beach resortmazagan beach resortmazagan beach resort

The smell of salt water and the constant noise of the swell, sounding like an endless breath of the universe itself.

mazagan beach resortmazagan beach resortmazagan beach resort

I was lucky to get a room with ocean view, so the first thing I did (after our late night arrival) was to open the curtains and balcony door in the morning to feel and watch the sea for the first time in Morocco.

mazagan beach resortmazagan beach resortmazagan beach resort

The Mazagan Beach Resort is a place of superlatives, which encompasses a 250-hectare site, boarding a 7 kilometer stretch of absolutely empty private beach. With 500 rooms and over 1.500 employees it really feels more like a little city then a hotel.

mazagan beach resortmazagan beach resortmazagan beach resortmazagan beach resort

Normally I prefer smaller accommodations, but in this case I made an exception and I really enjoyed the stay! If you are searching for a real holiday to rest and let your soul calm down, it’s just perfect – you can stay there for two weeks and you will still explore a new restaurant or café every day. You will also find a beautiful spa area and a lot of leisure activities there. There is even a small petting zoo at the hotel grounds with donkeys, goats, fishes and lots of birds including a peacock. However, there’s no reason you can’t get adventurous in Morocco. If you’re looking for a more upbeat holiday exploring all Morocco has to offer, I’d recommend a tour guide, such as those you can contact at Best Morocco Tour Companies.

mazagan beach beach beach beach resort---

If you are still hungry for some more exploration the nearby city El Jadida let’s you feel the Moroccan vibes. On the road to there you will see a ship wrack which got the name “Titanic” from the domestic people.

And even more exciting was the short trip that we did to visit Azemmour – which is a small town full of street art – something I didn’t expect to see in this area. The small alleys are full of colorful artworks and if you are lucky like I was you will even get a hug by one of the local kids while strolling through the streets.

If you are going up to the North by car for 1 hour you can also visit Casablanca, where you will find the biggest mosque called “Hassan II Mosque” which is really impressive. Also the Sacre coeur church in all white is really worth a visit! If you’d like to look around at what you can visit while on holiday in Morocco, have a look at these Morocco tours and see if you can find one that takes your fancy.

My tips for the Mazagan Beach Resort:

  • Quad ride – the perfect beach days sometimes need a bit of action. So driving alongside the coastline is a cool adrenaline rush moment and you will also get to explore the small forrest next to the beach, which is really lovely.
  • Spa – get a relaxing body massage with the sound of the ocean in the background (the real ocean, no MP3) – an they will even massage your head. So good!
  • Eat at one of the beach restaurants and enjoy the seaside with a fresh pineapple juice!

My tips for the area:

  • Azemmour – walk around the Medina and check out the stunning street art pieces.
  • El Jadida – visit the ship wreck on sunrise and the market, where you still get affordable carpets.
  • Casablanca – Visit the Hassan II Mosque with world’s biggest minaret. And the Sacre Coeur, a beautiful white church – unfortunately it was closed when I was there – when it’s open make sure to check out the rooftop!

My outfit:

Sunglasses: Gloryfy (Gi8 Panto Havanna)
Pullover: Gucci Vintage
Trousers: Filippa K.
Shoes: Diesel

Make sure to also check the photos from the crew:

Phiaka – Sophia Kirstein
Viva Lamoda – Alexandra Carolin Seifert
Littlefashionfox – Anna Schuster
Emmi Lu/ The Top Blogger – Kristin Hesse

Location: Mazagan Beach Resort, & Moroccan west coast
Phtotographer: Lady Venom / Marion Vicenta Payr

Thanks to the Mazagan Beach Resort for the invitaion.