Maybe some of you already know the “Amalienbad” in Vienna. It’s one of the most astonishing bathing institutions, maybe in the whole world. The art-deco structure bath was built in 1923. Unfortunately after WWII it was heavily damaged and the restoration afterwards was just a budget version, but still you see the glamour of these times. The perfect location for showing you my shower-moment with Weleda.
Back in the days the “Amalienbad” was the biggest indoor aquatic center in Europe, where 1300 water fans could go crazy. The glass rooftop could be opened within a few minutes and so it was transformed into an open air playground.

Well – for me – also Weleda is a gateway to nostalgic times.  My first contact with Weleda was very early – I noticed my Mum was using it when I was a child. Back than my Mum was a hippie girl and she tried to get the most natural and good products out there for herself and of course for her child. Nowadays I still use Weleda and I can highly recommend their products – if you aren’t already a fan.

So you can imagine I was pretty happy to team up with this traditional company which is almost 100 years old (est.1921). Producing natural goods without synthetic additives and no mineral oil ingredients is key to their success. And since I’m always up for high quality and well made products it was really no compromise at all to show you the “Aktiv-Duschgel” from their line of 10 different shower gels – although it meant to wear a little less then usually on this blog ;-)

The shower gel smells really fresh – a little like a lush forest after a warm summer rain. Maybe it’s because of one of it’s main ingredients like organic rosemary and vetivier oil. My skin felt like a baby bottom right after the long shower. fact about me & water

It may look like I’m a real swim & dive person in these photos, but actually I’m not! I feel like a stone in water and it’s absolutely not my element for sports (actually only when it’s frozen for the winter activities ;-)). Hopefully you won’t notice my quirky moves in the mood video above! ;-)

Check the different shower gels by Weleda for your daily bath experience:


My look for the bath

Bathing trunks: Gosha Rubchinskiy
Sandals: Hunter
Towel: Gucci

Location: Amalienbad, 1100 Vienna

Photographer: Lady Venom / Marion Vicenta Payr

In collaboration with Weleda.