( Advertorial) A good friend back in fashion school once said “You will never be normal” (and meant it as a compliment). That sentence is still in my mind and makes me smile. So when Carpe Diem asked me to write about my personal “being different” experience, I knew this would be an easy one.


Back in fashion school I was really different. I got a different hair color every month and probably went through the whole rainbow range. My inspirations were ” The Prodigy” and Marylin Manson, so I also wore smokey eyes and skirts on a daily basis. So for this project I knew I had to go back to this look – in a more refined and updated version.


Although this isn’t a real skirt, but very loose pants, that give the illusion of being a skirt! Since fashion and the way of dressing up was always something with high importance to me –  I stood out already in young years. You can imagine growing up in the countryside of Austria being fashionable including different hair colors was something really edgy and I was the conversation topic number one a lot of times.


There was also another inspiration for this project, that I drew from my younger days when I started to admire Kung fu & Martial arts masters. The eastern tradition and philosophy became a leading spiritual guideline in my mindset.


I try to incorporate meditation praxis into my life and my long hair was actually also inspired by traditional yogis from the buddhist tradition. They believe that the long hair works like antennas to the universe.


Worn as bun the inspiration goes further east – to the Japanese Samurai. Japan itself is a very inspiring country – not only for spiritual reasons, but also when it comes to fashion. The look shown here is inspired by the classic Japanese Samurai. Although I also find the crazy and colorful young generation of Japanese fashionistas super inspiring.


I love the crispness they add to everything. Every detail looks so perfect – a tendency coming from the roots of the Japanese culture. Maybe you have seen the film ” Jiro dreams of Sushi” or some films of traditional Zen masters from Japan, who perfect their art until the very last breath.


A quote says it all – Jiro Ono: “I do the same thing over and over, improving bit by bit. There is always a yearning to achieve more. I’ll continue to climb, trying to reach the top, but no one knows where the top is.”


So all in all I might look like a European, but inside I’m Asian – that’s something that makes me different and I won’t ever change or adapt that to fit in.



The perfect location for the photoshoot was the Gradonna Mountain Resort with it’s refined architecture and sustainable and thoughtful concept. It made me feel like a Yogi in his mountain retreat (well, admittedly it’s quite a luxury retreat ;))!


Carpe Diem offers a variety of teas, that are all special through their fermentation process. I already showed you the “Matcha” tea in my last blogpost and here you can see the “Cranberry” edition. I actually prefer the Matcha kind, but I hope they soon come up with an invention, that makes you taste through the internet! ;-)

Different tea kinds of Carpe Diem:

Kombucha Classic
Kombucha Quince
Kombucha Cranberry – as shown here!
Kombucha Matcha

My Carpe Diem Samurai look:

Sunglasses: LPLR  eyewear – Edison
Top: Craig Green
Shirt: Joseph
Trousers: ke i su ke yo ne da
Socks: Henrik Vibskov
Sandals: Teva x Han Kjobenhavn

Location: Gradonna Mountain Resort, East Tyrol, Austria
Photographer: Lady Venom / Marion Vicenta Payr

In collaboration with Carpe Diem.