(Advertorial) The older I get the more I like to stay in bed longer. When I was young early mornings were no problem at all. I didn’t even need an alarm clock. Well times are changing – so the new Envivo Lungo by Nespresso helped me to get out of bed and explore the dolomites this time!

envivo lungo

This was actually my first time exploring the dolomites. I have been to the alps a lot of times by now and just saw the dolomites from the distance, but always thought they were more interesting when it comes to their structure.

envivo lungoenvivo lungo
envivo lungo

The bizarre rock formations always looked so inviting while passing by. So this time I decided to get a closer look of this area. Luckily you don’t have to start from the valley, but you can already sleep up at 1.600 meters altitude in the “Dolomitenhütte”. You can reach the cabin by car and sleep there to get accustomed to the fresh mountain breeze ;)

envivo lungo

The “Dolomitenhütte” already features a beautiful view over the cloud formations! If you are lucky you can sleep in one of the panorama rooms and can stretch your toes towards the clouds in the morning.

But we got up early and had a beautiful breakfast with a cup of freshly brewed Envivo Lungo (with loads of foam!) and then we packed our bags to start the hike.

envivo lungo

envivo lungo

From there it’s “just” a 2,5 hours hike to the “Karlsbaderhütte” at 2.260 meters altitude. It is embedded in the midst of the peaks of the “Lienzer Dolomiten” and has a beautiful mountain lake called “Laserzsee” right next to it.

envivo lungoenvivo lungoenvivo lungoenvivo lungo

But what’s always true: The path is already the destination. The weather was not really sunny, there were a lot of cloud formations and fog. This was really photogenic and also made the hike much more bearable. Direct sunlight would’ve been more challenging up in the thin air ;-)

envivo lungo

The new Envivo Lungo by Nespresso:

Well let me tell you a little bit about the new creation of Nespresso: It is made out of separately roasted gourmet Robusta from Mexico and refined with Arabica from India. The taste is a little bit like aromatic wood and remembers of gingerbread. The Envivo Lungo is perfect when served with foamed milk to a lungo macchiato.

For more info go to: Envivo Lungo

envivo lungo

I usually drink my coffee black but I tried the milk version (with almond milk, which I prefer over regular milk) and could get used to this new kind of coffee in the morning. Using the new Aeroccino4 milk frother it is also possible to get a pretty good foam even with the vegan milk (which is usually quite tricky). Of course, if you can’t get a hold of this item with yours you can consider the frothers from OurFoodandHome to get a good one.

And it turned out that the practical Touch Travel Mug is the perfect companion for my mountain hike. It keeps the coffee warm in the morning and on the hike back down we filled it up with fresh spring water from up in the mountains!

envivo lungo

But the best part of the hike was definitely the sheep crossing my way! They were really brightening the mood during the steep paths of the hike – and it looked so easy on them to get up there, while we were sweating and breathing heavily ;-)

My Envivo Lungo hike look:

Hat: Diesel
Sunglasses: Toms x Keith Haring
Shirt: Vintage
Sweatpants: Christopher Shannon last season
Shoes: Palladium
Socks: Stance
Backpack: The North Face
Fleece: The North Face – Shop North Face in Vienna (at Wien Mitte station)

Locations: Dolomitenhütte, Karlsbaderhütte, East Tyrol, Austria
Photographer: Lady Venom / Marion Vicenta Payr

In collaboration with Nespresso.