(Advertorial) The new neubau eyewear brand is all inspired by Vienna’s 7th district – which is, you can guess it, called Neubau. This area of Vienna is a creative melting pot and breeding ground for hipsters and individualists. But for the brand neubau it also represents a state of mind, a vision, rather than just a place.


I still remember the day back in school, when I went to the eye doctor and he told me I would need prescription glasses. I thought it’s kind o f cool but my Mum knew already that it would be expensive (since I never was a cheap kid) and she blamed the gameboy for everything.


Who knows – maybe it’s true? I loved the Gameboy back then! Well nowadays I only need a slight correction for my eyesight – basically, I use my glasses mainly for driving and watching movies or going to the cinema (if I have time). But I also love to wear them from time to time to complete a look. Some are not so lucky and have to have corrective surgery from services like SharpeVision.


The new brand, neubau eyewear offers high quality, lightweight frames – perfect for everyday.


These days you can actually find a “Neubau”-like district in almost every city in the world. Luckily there seems to be a new era of creativity and people are getting more and more free and independent in their work and also in their style like myself.


It’s the most precious thing when you can do what you really want to do and when it feels like you are meant to be for it. I’m really happy that it’s possible for me to work on my creative career, after struggling a long time with different creative projects and never finding the right one to pursue.


And now here I am – working on this blog and introducing new styles to you every week – without limiting myself to one certain aesthetic and staying creative! But back to neubau! The glasses are produced by a family owned factory in Austria – and they offer super-lightweight frames in polymer und stainless steel.


The first collection of the urban and contemporary brand includes 12 different styles in a variation of 6 colors, so you will find the right style for every occasion and personality.


The look and feel of the glasses is really good. You can see a lot of small details and and immediately you will recognize a lot of technical know-how on the refined product.

Later this year they will introduce a sunglasses collection – you know already I’m addicted to shades – so I can’t wait to get my hands on the the new neubau line!

Check the full range of neubau eyewear (click image):


My Style: Patrick T012 in Ocean Teal 5200

My Outfit for the Neubau district:

My Jacket: Carven
Shirt: Vintage
Trousers: Fillipa K.

Sneakers:; Julien David

Photo by: Lady Venom / Marion Vicenta Payr
Location: Museums Quartier, 1070 Neubau, Vienna, Austria

In collaboration with neubau eyewear.