These days it’s all about visions in fashion. Nowadays fashion isn’t just about outstanding techniques or creating a unique design – the overall look and feel and the visionary idea is gaining importance. Jonathan Anderson is a forward thinking universal genius, wether it comes to design or to business – he understands the needs of our modern fashion world.


Starting in 2008 with his menswear label J.W. Anderson he is now one of the most influential designers in the industry. Since 2010 he’s also changing things up in the womenswear department.


The pale Northern Irish boy once said, that “creativity is just 25% of the whole business” – and you need Marketing, PR and a solid structure to keep it all together.


This very relaxed and calm guy has a bright vision and you feel he is keeping an eye on the big picture as well.

J.W. Anderson look:



Anderson also says he doesn’t do compromises – his vision is clear and he doesn’t compromise on his high end aesthetics. By the end of 2013, he had inked a deal with LVMH for an investment in his own label alongside the Loewe job.


Like the other big creative heads in the fashion industry, he has created a vision for Loewe, not just some styles. To actually get the job he showed a beach scene photo of model Kirsten Owen taken by Steven Meisel for Italian Vogue in 1997. Anderson was like: ” I don’t have a collection, but I have this image. This person, this beach, right now.”


With this vision he completely changed the image of Loewe from head to toe and transformed the rather old-fashioned house into a new visionary (and very exclusive) must have brand.

Loewe by Jonathan Anderson look:



“Brands need to move at the speed the world does, and today that is fast. We live in the era of content. We put something on Instagram and it gets reposted and it’s everywhere and a minute later it’s gone, over. I don’t see that as a negative thing; it’s the way my mind works, too. It’s not just about consumers not getting bored of the brand, it’s about me not getting bored of it.” Jonathan Anderson in an interview for The Guardian.

Well there’s nothing to add from me on this part – it’s all about “vivid visual visions”, just like my blog title!



We are a fast forward generation who gets bored very easily and fast. I can’t imagine a life without smartphone anymore, although I was in denial about needing one 5 years ago.


The possibilities are endless now and we can get so many inspirations out there in a split second just by following masterminds like Jonathan on Instagram.

For this photoshoot I finally had the chance to team up with the super talented Nina. I love her analogue photography aesthetic, because they also give a certain moody vision to everything.

My look:

Cap: Selfmade (it actually used to be a hat)
Pullover: J.W.Anderson
Shirt: Timberland
Trousers: Vintage
Socks: Burlington
Sneakers: Julien David

Photographer: Nina Kowalska Vel Kowalcyk
Location: Franz-Josefs-Kai 2, 1010 Vienna