It’s still difficult to find the combination of good design and sustainability. With this post I introduce you to pinq ponq and better b. good – two brands, which are doing it right!


pinq ponq facts:

  • Made of recycling PET plastic bottles (mostly from Local sources).
  • Designed in Colone
  • Crafted under fair conditions in Asia

better b. good facts:

  • Using organic cotton and linen
  • Natural waterbased dyes
  • Designed in Vienna

My look including sustainable pieces:

Backpack: Pinq Ponq
Cap: Custom made
T-shirt: better b. good
T-shirt with zip: Flea-market
Sweatpants: Christopher Shannon
Socks: Cult
Sneakers: Porsche Design Sport by Adidas

Photographer: Lady Venom / Marion Vicenta Payr